In July 2007, the new founded Scientific Research Network of Biofuels, called ForNeBiK started work at the Centre of Excellence for Renewable Resources in Straubing, Bavaria. The ForNeBiK is an initiative of the Bavarian Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forestry and forms part of the Technology and Support Centre, called TFZ. The ForNeBiK is an interdisciplinary network of scientific research institutes as well as federal and regional agencies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The network members combine strong expertise in a variety of research fields related to alternative fuels follow the whole value or so-called well-to-wheel chain such as:

  • plant breeding for new raw material,
  • manufacturing processes and technologies,
  • test procedures and quality management of biofuels,
  • combustion and process optimization,
  • exhaust gas aftertreatment,
  • investigations of biomass potentials on different scales and the assessment of the possibilities of the sustainable use,
  • accumulation and validation of knowledge and exchange of informations,
  • common project planning for further or additional studies,
  • close coordination of main research,
  • the shared application and support of research project,
  • comprehensive exchange of scientific research capacity
  • arrange congresses and think-tanks.


It is the mission of ForNeBiK to develop, expand and disseminate knowledge on biofuels by actively involving and drawing upon the wide range of relevant disciplines with the goal to support main research of biofuels as a central and cross-cutting environmental issue in science, policy and society.

Rainer Sturm,
Quelle: Rainer Sturm,